Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Forever entwined

It has been a busy day. Before 9AM this morning, I had already attended a wedding – well, I was virtually there, along with millions of other people, watching as Leigh and Nick became the 10th couple to be married on the Today Show. As Meredith Viera said during her toast to the couple, Leigh and Nick “exemplify what these events are all about – that’s love, joy and grace.” Of course, that’s what we hope for every couple and for every wedding.

For the ceremony, the plaza at Rockefeller Center was decorated to look like a vineyard. Why a vineyard? There’s something about a vineyard that puts people into a romantic mood. We explored this idea just about one year ago when we had the opportunity to create a framed keepsake collage of a vineyard-themed invitation. Take a look at the finished product and note the happy comments of both the gift giver and the bride.

So Mr. and Mrs. Nick Cordes, if you’re listening, we know you had a fabulous time today, and you have the videotape (and internet slideshow) to prove it. But wouldn’t you like something to help preserve your memories that doesn’t involve technology? We think you would, so we would like to offer you a wedding gift: Purple Raincoat will be happy to create a one-of-a-kind framed keepsake for you. It can be an invitation, a photograph, the passage that the minister read from the Bible - you select the focal point, and we will build a work of art around it that will stir your emotions and bring back cherished memories of your special day. It’s the perfect way to make sure you don’t forget about your memories.

Give us a call when you get back from your honeymoon in Australia and we’ll get started making something beautiful for you. Because we believe that 2009 is a “vintage” year for you, and that like a good wine, you will get better with age.

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