Thursday, November 20, 2008

White (House) Weddings

The election is over, and now we know that the 44th President of the United States will be Barack Obama. President-Elect Obama soon will be moving into the White House with the rest of his family (and the new puppy promised to his daughters). But no matter who lives in the White House, we generally like to think that it belongs to all of us. And whoever lives there is President of the United States, after all, whether you voted for him or not.

We all know that First Daughter Jenna Bush chose to get married at the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas, but given the opportunity, wouldn’t you want to have your wedding at the White House? For most people, that isn’t an option, but there's a way to give your wedding the “presidential seal” of approval.

So even though you may not be able to get married at the White House, here’s advice from, a fun wedding blog, about how to get a Presidential keepsake for your wedding: all you have to do is to put in a request with the White House Greetings Office for a hand-addressed “wedding greeting”.

Here's a sample of the greeting you can get from the White House that I found on the blog "33 for a moment," where I learned you can also get one for a new baby, an anniversary (50th anniversary or more) or birthday (80th birthday or more).

There is a catch: the White House policy is to make a request for a greeting within 12 months AFTER the wedding occurs. Maybe they have been burned by brides or grooms with cold feet at the last minute…but that’s the way they do it. And we know better than to argue with the White House, don’t we?

Purple Raincoat would love to make a keepsake out of that wedding greeting - what a fabulous first anniversary gift…so we’re offering a 50 percent discount to the first person who sends us a White House wedding greeting to be turned into a keepsake. If your wedding took place within the last 12 months, ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, get that request in to the White House, and then give us a call. We can’t wait to make something beautiful for you.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Engagement survival kit for brides-to-be

There's silver, there's gold, and then there's platinum. Platinum is strong, durable and relatively rare - qualities that make it desirable for many couples when choosing an engagement ring - qualities that we hope apply to every engaged couple, as well.

If you're a bride-to-be who has been lucky enough to receive the engagement ring of your dreams, and it happens to be made from platinum, Allure magazine wants to hear the story of your engagement. By entering, you will be come eligible to win one of 200 "Platinum Engagement Survival Kits" full of beauty and fashion goodies, and four grand prize winners will receive platinum wedding bands.

So what have you got to lose? Enter now.

And keep thinking "platinum" for a framed keepsake of your wedding invitation by Purple Raincoat. We have silver keepsakes and gold keepsakes, but our platinum keepsakes give us the most room to be creative and truly showcase the spirit of your invitation.

Sample of a platinum framed invitation keepsake by Purple Raincoat.
This large and elegant invitation was folded, with the English text on the outside and the Hebrew text on the inside. Both parts of the invitation were mounted on cream brocade vellum, antique white moiré paper and black suede paper. The background includes subtle prints in shades of sage, taupe, and cream, including a cream beaded paper. Cream silk flowers with pearl centers accent the invitation; a string of pearls is anchored by black silk flowers. Black satin ribbon decorates two corners of the invitation keepsake. The design is finished with a cream mat and an ornate black frame.

Your wedding invitation keepsake should be as unique as you are, just like your engagement ring. Unforgettable days deserve unforgettable keepsakes - so be sure to "engage" Purple Raincoat to create one just for you.