Monday, June 23, 2008

Please Mr. Postman, part I: Putting the right “stamp” on your invitations

The postage required to mail an invitation often requires a stamp in a denomination without a lot of design choices. For many people, custom postage stamps are a creative solution that helps you send an additional message about your event as part of the invitation. Stamps also can be used to showcase something about the event or honoree that might not be reflected in the invitation. For example, I created a framed keepsake for a bar mitzvah invitation that was simple and very traditional, but the envelope included a personalized stamp reflecting the bar mitzvah boy’s love of music – we incorporated the stamp as a unique design element into the collage, which was given to the boy as his bar mitzvah gift. He loved it.

Detail from a Platinum bat mitzvah invitation collage featuring a personalized stamp as a design element.

And if you’re in the market for custom stamps right now, you might want to visit because for a limited time, they are holding the line on the cost of their stamps despite the fact that postage rates rose on May 12, 2008. These stamps also could be used on save-the-date cards and RSVP envelopes. But buyer beware: I would never advise anyone to order postage until just before you were ready to mail and had a firm estimate from your local post office as to the exact postage necessary. Ordering postage in advance may seem penny-wise but might turn out to be pound-foolish in this world where prices often change without notice.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The type is right

Just before Super Tuesday, I wrote about the influence of fonts on our choices – even our choice of Presidential candidates. An analysis of the logos of the candidates in both parties correctly predicted the success of Barack Obama and John McCain. It may not have been written in the stars, but the handwriting – in their fonts of choice – certainly was on the wall for those who did not win.

It will be interesting to see if either one of the candidates makes any changes to their logos as we move into the general election campaign.

Impressions of the candidates based on their logos (from the Font Bureau’s analysis) suggest the enormity of the choice we face as a nation:

Obama: “contemporary, fresh, very polished and professional… the feeling of a hot new Internet company...This typography is young and cool. Clearly not the old standards of years past. “

McCain: "in between, moderate, not too far in either direction...Everything about this logo says you can buy a car from this man. From the perfectly centered star to the perfectly spaced type, the entire design looks like a high-end real estate company.”

As I always say, "fonts have feelings." You want those feelings to be the right ones, whether you're running for President or celebrating a bar/bat mitzvah. So keep this in mind when you're designing invitations for your special occasions.

When you've got your invitation just right, be sure to let Purple Raincoat preserve your memories with a personalized keepsake. We would love the opportunity to create something wonderful with an invitation to the 2009 Presidential Inaugural stay tuned.

Of course, there are plenty of occasions to celebrate besides an inauguration. Birthdays, anniversaries, new get the idea. When you're celebrating, give Purple Raincoat a call so we can create a wonderful framed keepsake just for you.

In the meantime, congratulations to the winning Democratic and Republican candidates. The nominees are in place and the stage has been set – let the wild rumpus start!