Thursday, January 31, 2008

Romance is in the cards for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day framed keepsake

This Valentine keepsake collage was inspired by the Herman Hesse quotation: "If I know what love is, it is because of you."

We’re a country that loves to send greeting cards. At Christmas, it is estimated that Americans send out 2.6 billion cards. What’s the second largest card-sending holiday? That would be Valentine’s Day, February 14th. I’ve always wondered who St. Valentine was and why we focus on romance in the middle of February. Turns out that February has a long tradition of being associated with romance (it’s the shortest month - go figure). So it isn’t your imagination - the pressure to find not only the perfect Valentine's Day gift but also the perfect card to go with it has been going on for centuries.

Expect some crowds when you’re shopping. To avoid the rush in the greeting card aisle of your local drugstore, you might want to check out smaller shops with more exotic offerings. Cards can be found in some unexpected places. For example, the frame shop where I work on many of my collages (Frameworks in Burlington, MA) has a wonderful selection of unusual gifts and funky but elegant Valentine's Day cards.

Now consider the following scenario: You seek out the perfect card to express how you feel about your significant other (or someone you hope will become more significant). You find the card. It says exactly what you want to say. It’s perfect. You give it to your loved one, who also thinks its perfect.

Come February 15th, what happens to the card? No one wants to throw it away, but what should you do with it? Putting it into a drawer or a shoebox (with all those photos you have hanging around – but that’s another story) doesn’t feel quite right. If the sentiment is truly heartfelt and inspiring, why not showcase it in a framed keepsake collage where it can be seen and enjoyed every day? Card and gift all in one. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift. That’s a grand slam in anyone’s book.

So if you’re the card giver,consider making a big splash by presenting the card already framed and ready to hang. And if you’re the card receiver, show your admirer just how much the card means by having it framed.

Want to be even more of a hero? Create the perfect card yourself with the help of our friends at the Kodak Gallery. Use your pictures and your own words. To inspire you, they have created some special Valentine’s Day designs for cards (and other personalized gifts).

Of course, you can also have Purple Raincoat create a collage for you using a favorite saying on a card we design. For example: “To the world you’re just one person but to me you are the world.” You can specify the colors and we can work together to find the font that feels just right. Or you could use song lyrics. You could add a photo to it…the possibilities are almost endless.

Want inspiration for the perfect gift? You're sure to find it at Visit us and see why we are the experts at creating the perfect gift for any occasion.

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